In the mists of Mannan

Me at Vikings BM(Above: Press photo by the University of Nottingham edited by hlstn)

Last spring I worked on a project called Languages, Myths and Finds which gave me the opportunity to see some amazing things. We went behind the scenes at the BM’s Vikings exhibition, had a workshop in Cambridge and my small team traveled to the Isle of Man, looking and Viking history and material culture in the region.



LMF3 LMF4group at balladoole

When we got the the Isle of Man we had a brilliant time setting out and finding all of the sites pertaining to the Vikings. It is a rare opportunity to find travel companions who are so similarly and singularly focused.

IoM1 IoM2

There is so much sculpture on Man, it is amazing how much survives and is accessible.


Some potentially Viking Graffiti.

IoM5 IoM6 IoM8 IoM10

The team at Tynwald.

IoM13 IoM14

Caught a glimpse of the all important torch light on this pelleted beast.

IoM16 IoM17

IoM18 IoM19 IoM21

I hope to return to the Isle of Man to make a more extensive study of the sculptural traditions there, but for now I have very fond memories of my LMF team.



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