French Wine, Roman Stone


Last spring I went the Gallo-Roman city of Bordeaux to visit a good friend of mine who had the opportunity to teach in France. I spent this lovely weekend away drinking French wine, seeing some truly incredible sculpture and having a lovely break.

bord22          bord13bord19The museums had incredible objects that were a privilege to see, including a reconstruction of the caves at Lascaux.

bord1 bord2

Not only did this city have stunning Roman remains, including this amphitheatre, but also beautiful churches.

bord3 bord4 bord5bord10 bord11  bord14

Elizabeth at the Museum.

bord15  A close view.


bord5 bord6 bord7

Bordeaux has so many of these knockers, and they are a particular favourite of Elizabeth’s.

bord18   These Canelés were sampled extensively during the trip.

bord21   As was this cheese along, with breads, wines and cheese. In all it was a very lovely trip.



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