I war oft against wave and fight against wind

Over the past month or so I have been very busy. I am now both teaching and working at a museum here in York selling tickets. Between these two I sometimes manage to find time to do my actual work (you know that PhD thing I am here to do) However, I have also managed to take a few moments and do some fun things.

On my birthday last month, I went to a huge book fair in York. It is the largest Antiquarian book fair in the UK with sellers from all over the world. It was great seeing lovely books all around even if most of them cost more than my rent. I was also the youngest person there, by far. That evening I went out to dinner with some friend at Filmore and Union my new most favourite place.


It has a great view of the Minster plus I got to wear my paperclip dress, which I love.

Then a couple weeks ago I went out to Castle Howard (if any of you have seen Brideshead Revisited, this should look particularly familiar). It is only a few miles from York but I had not yet made my way out to this lovely property.

It is a very beautiful place and it was just nice to get outside for a bit.

I had recently heard a paper given on the Temple of the Four Winds about the identification of the statues perhaps not being what they seem.

They are beautiful no matter who they are, Empresses, Virtues, Saints or Winds.

Although on that particular day I can see how they might be associated with the wind, it was quite blustery looking out onto Yorkshire.

At the end of September Dad and Tanya came for a visit. We spent some time in York and then we went to London for a few days.

We stayed quite near the Houses of Parliament. We saw a great exhibit at the British Library (no photos allowed) where I got to see the Exeter Book.

We went to the Tower of London and had some great food at the plethora of food markets around both London and York.

In all I have had a hectic month filled with lovely things, good food, and great people.


2 thoughts on “I war oft against wave and fight against wind

  1. Desmond and I went to that book fair before we moved back… we were also the youngest people there and everything was WAY too expensive. Still fun, though. 🙂

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