Between Tombland and the River Wensom: Norwich Cathedral of the Holy and Undivided Trininty

While I was in Norwich for a conference at The University of East Anglia, Izzy and I made a whistle stop tour/ lunch break at the Cathedral.

The cathedral was surprising, mostly because I knew so little about it prior to dashing in from the pouring rain. It’s construction began in 1096 and it covers the Anglo-Saxon settlement. The walls, interestingly are not of solid stone, but are inlaid with flinted masonry and then covered with dressed stone.

Most surprising though was the extant medieval paint, which there was quite a bit of.

Building in paint!

The Treasury had the most figural painting, which included this darling angel. I really like how the wing follows the line of the halo.

Izzy was quite taken with the two bay alter with quilted ceiling, which is apparently quite rare (She informs me that there was one in Durham dedicated to the Neville family).

I was quite taken with the spiral columns, by the altar. Which indicate the holy presences of the Eucharist because they are referencing the Solomonic columns from the Temple.

And I found an owl misericord.

My most favourite thing was the vanity lit passion altar, even if it is not at all medieval.

In all it was a fun little trip out of the rain during a very busy weekend in Norwich, but I was quite glad to head home from their beautiful train station.


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