Oxford: The Architecture

Oxford has beautiful architecture. This is the Radcliffe Camera, which is England’s first round planned Library and is built in the English Palladian Style Designed by James Gibbs during the 18th century. It is still a very unique building, I really wish I’d been allowed in. Oxford is not overly keen on letting strangers into places, most of the colleges charge for entry and even then only let you walk around outside most of the Buildings.

It’s even gorgeous in the rain.

Both of my companions can be spied in this photo, barely. All of Oxford seems to be the same colour, beautifully monochromatic.


Bridge of Sighs, 1914. Colloquially named after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, although it looks much more like the Rialto Bridge, in Venice. Apparently the designer did not mean it as a replica.

This is a bit of Annemari’s college, Christ Church.

The Hall of Christ Church, which you may recognize as the Great Hall of Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Saint George patron saint of England (whose saint day has just passed this Monday) in Christ Church Cathedral.

Here you can see the spire of the cathedral, the hall and all the grass you are not allowed to walk on. In fact as someone who is not a Christ Church student, I may not walk on the central path of the Quadrangle, I must go around the perimeter.

Grass is never for walking.

The Bodleian Library. You may not take books out.

Magpie Lane.

Merton College Chapel.

A cheeky wink in the stained glass?

Beautiful Flowers.

New College

I wanted to go up there into the mound, but you might be able to see a sign on the bottom left, it reads “no public access.” Drat!

Heads outside the Sheldonian Lecture theatre.

Chalk graffiti in Latin?

The town is full of cute things.

Annemari tried very hard not to get her photo taken.

We also went for a nice evening walk along the river.

It was calm.

Tilly led the way.

These are British house boats, I think they are cool and I really want to stay in one some day.

I had a great trip and saw lots of cool stuff. So thank you Tilly and Annemari! Next week Dublin and what I fear will be a lot of pictures of Stone Crosses.


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