Lords of Misrule presents: The York Mystery Plays, or Bible: Abridged!

This past term I have been quite busy and had a broken camera. But I managed to direct a production with the Lords of Misrule. We put on some of the York Mystery Plays, which are 14th century Biblical plays that the Merchant guilds used to put on around York. They would normally be presented in Wagons around the City, but as it was cold in March we put on a selection of abridged stories from Creation to Judgment at the Glaziers’ Church of St Helens Stonegate

With a cast of fellow Medievalist and access to a costume attic, we managed to put on a very authentic feeling production.

St Helens Rood Screen, and painted ceiling provided the perfect set.

Not in full costume, but with a wound that I spent quite a bit of time on (Sorry for the rash Ted!)

I had brilliant producer, Kat who is hard at work here.

The bible is pretty gruesome.

Close up of the wound taken on my phone, I made it myself and I am pretty proud of it.

The cast lining up for Curtain Call, you can see me flailing about in the corner of this picture.


We even had audience members and everything!

The Harrowing of Hell was one of my favorite scenes.

I had the best cast I could have asked for, and what is more: they put up with me.

I need to thank James who let me take some photos on his camera, and Kat who took several of these photos. I now have a new camera and will be using it in my travels that are coming up in the next couple of weeks. I will be in Oxford, Dublin and Edinburgh over the month to go to several conferences so hopefully I will have something to show for it.



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