Sees, some morning, unaware, That the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf, Round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf, While the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough

So I’ve gone on a couple walks around Yorkshire. Six miles through the moors and past Goathland Station (aka Hogsmeade for those in the know). Then we also went on a 7ish mile walk to see some old churches around Market Weighton on part of the Yorkshire Wolds Way.

The Moors are really awesome and are actually purple.

We stopped in a town that is also used as a set for a UK TV show, Heartbeat.

We climbed through a fern valley, which felt very prehistoric.

This is how you get to Hogwarts.

We watched the steam trains come and go, they are pretty cool.

Then we got a bit lost.

However, four MA students used their skills, followed the river, through a private field, over a barbed wire fence, slid down a ravine, and found the bridge that brought us back to the path. Never fear!

Definitely slid through here on my rear.

But we made it to the waterfall!

Then we played and rinsed of in the river.

A couple weeks later, then we went on to the wolds.

On the Wolds way we came across an old roman well that had been given a saintly association, so that it is now known as St. Helen’s Well.

It’s now taken care of by the girl guides.

We then found an old church, with Norman influence. We thought that we would be able to get in as it was locked. However, after breaking at the pub, or the source of all local knowledge: they gave us the key!

The church had some nice architectural features and some 20th century glass. Here depicting the fall of the pagan church.

Here is the pub, with a lovely wood fire, and excellent tomato soup!

Then we were back to the Wolds Way, handily marked with the symbol of an acorn. And whilst in this very field, Becky realized that acorn is a collision of the Old English for ‘Grain of Oak,’ and Susan provided the fact that squirrels are called ekkhoorn in Dutch. This is the exciting talk we get up to while walking through the country side.

In all we had an excellent time, and the countryside is beautiful. Hopefully we will get out again before the weather turns completely miserable.


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