Here’s the bird that never flew, Here’s the tree that never grew, Here’s the bell that never rang, Here’s the fish that never swam

So it has now been over two weeks since I went to Glasgow, but I’ve had such a busy week upon my return that I have absolutely neglected to update. But on the upside, I do have a complete draft of my thesis. It is by no means done, but it is a whole and complete thing: which is something.

Anyway, Glasgow was wonderful. I had an excellent little break with my friend Elizabeth who is living in Glasgow for the summer. As the main purpose of this trip was fun and relaxation we started it off with a wonderful brunch.

We went to the Hillhead Book Club, a converted movie theatre that now serves a wonderful Eggs Florentine, that paired excellently with Buck’s Fizz (aka mimosa). It is a little bit underwater themed.

The water has fruit and the wall had an acrylic cast moose head, I quite liked this place.

We then walked about town for a bit, seeing the west end of the city.

The University of Glasgow has an adorable campus, not really old though.

Albeit, it does make a sterling effort to be old.

UoG does have wonderful views of the city, and that building is where we were headed next. The Kelvingrove Museum.

It is quite nice on the inside as well.

Oh, and Tardis.

Cool Tower thing…I have no idea what it is or why its there.

Here is the tower we were looking for. Its old.

And time for wine, at hipster bar no. 7.

7, had excellent wallpaper and decor. I will be posting about wallpaper again in the near-ish future.

You can barely spy Elizabeth in this photo through the glass of white, she was not keen on photos.

The next morning was spent in the necropolis and the cathedral.

The necropolis was really interesting, there were lots of fun things to see and it was a lovely morning walk (although I should not have worn flannel flats).

These were my favourite, the fake Hiberno style cross and the sad virgin with industrial soot embedded withing the folds of her dress.

Then in to Glasgow’s Cathedral, which is dedicated to St. Mungo the founder of Glasgow.  Also the healing saint in Harry Potter, just as a side note.

The cathedral is very small, in comparison to York Minster but very nice. I like the pointed lights in the east window and the dark columns.

The last stop of the trip was the Burrell collection. Which has stone bits built within the museum.

The glass at the Burrell collection is so nice and displayed quite well.

You can see through the glass into the park.

Glasgow was absolutely fabulous. I really enjoyed having a two days away. Now it is time to go back to work!


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