The Lords and the Island Hill

I recently helped out with a production of Two Nobel Kinsmen, a slightly obscure play co-written by Shakespeare and Fletcher.

It was really fun to join in with the Medieval Theatre troupe the Lords of Misrule. With any luck, you may be seeing more of them.

There is also a Lords choir that I quite enjoy being a part of.

This pretty much sums up the silliness that the week entailed.


The York walls make for a an excellent view from several of the beer gardens in York.

I returned to Durham on a quick trip with Becky.

We had blue skies upon arrival, unlike the time before, but it was not to last.

This is not an Anglo-Saxon stone cross. (They do have some real ones and fragments inside where there are no pictures allowed)

Looking down on the town from the hilltop cathedral.

I love Durham, it is a very serious cathedral. It has my two favourite Anglo-Saxon men: Bede and Cuthbert. Additionally it has amazing pillars (similar to the ruins of Lindisfarne priory as they were contemporary with  patronage from the Monks at Durham) which I have no photos of because they are inside.

Outside at the East end and the Nine Altars.

Graves at the entrance.

I will likely return to Durham, partly because my dissertation is linked to it and because it is so close to York, but also because it is so wonderful.

I went Glasgow this past weekend and will update about it when I have more time. Things are very busy on my end with finishing up my MA, preparing to start the PhD, and I will be moving off campus soon!


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