Excessive whirlwinds, lightning storms, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the sky

So, coming from Alnwick we drove across the causeway. Lindisfarne is an island when the tide is in but connected to the main land when the tide is out.

Becky and Jo on what is sometimes the floor of the North Sea.

That’s England over there.

This is the castle on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Lindisfarne might be my favorite place it has the sea, a castle, church ruins, Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture, is the home of my favorite saint, Cuthbert, and is where Lindisfarne Mead is made, which is very tasty.

The Priory Church at Lindisfarne is amazing, it was started by the Bishops of Durham concurrently with the building scheme at Durham in 1093.

It has a different topographical plan then Durham, which makes sense as it was never a fully functioning independent priory. But it shares many decorative motifs and a similar three story elevation.

Note the carved chevron pattern in this monumental Anglo-Norman column. I was so excited by this it was a tad ridiculous.

Anglo-Saxon cross shaft base.

Crazy Cuthbert Statue! This man consumes my life lately, him and his buildings.

Lindisfarne has amazing views.

Who could not love that man and his amazing island.

Those crazy medievalists.

Lozenge Motif…

This Castle couldn’t be more impressive if it tried.

Lovely Jo and Becky against the sweeping grass.

We spent quite a bit of time gazing out into the sea.

This is how you do a beach in England…Rocky, windswept and a wee bit chilly.

Seaside garden.

Back of Castle

Jo reads on the beach.

Then it was time to go home, before being caught in the rain (more than we had been) and stuck on the island.

Becky catching the last glimpses of the holy island.

We also saw the Angel of the North on the drive.

All in all I had a great day amid the stoney bits…


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