Guard to the River Aln

Five of us piled into a car and went to Alnwick and Lindisfarne on Monday.

First stop: Book Store. This used to be a train station now it is a huge used book store.

The cafe in the train station come book store.

The main attraction of Alnwick is the castle, home of Ralph Percy, 12th Duke of Northumberland.

The castle is a major attraction, and there were several people about for the school holidays.

The castle walls had cross shaped arrow slits, allowing for vertical and horizontal viewing and defensive action.

Becky looking derisive.

She can also smile.

Look at the awesome lamp!

You can enter into the state rooms and chapel, which you can see the outside of here, however there were no photos allowed.

The Barbican gate.

The castle was lovely, inside and out, and is basically the stereotypical castle. It has cannons, crenelations, and a resident Duke.

The High street was quite lovely as well.

We then stopped off for lunch at the Hairy Lemon.

Soon, I will update part two of the day: Lindisfarne! Which was amazing.

Sneak peak, we drive the ocean floor.

Additionally, for all of those who have asked: I am fine, and far away from the Riots and lawless hoodlums.


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