A bit of Medieval (but mostly Victorian) London

While I was in London at the Medieval conference we went on a short walking tour of the Strand. It was mostly pointing out where medieval things used to be, which does not make for interesting pictures. However, I did manage to snap several shots of Victorian London.

The Strand is very grey.

It is always nice to know what time it is.


Definitely not medieval: its Victorian Gothic Revival! I think I might have been the only one excited. I love Victorian Pastiche, its fun to look at. This is the Royal Court of Justice, where the barristers all wear antiquated wigs (even the women).

I find that you can always find colour in the stone, if you look hard enough.

Some water, weathering, and a bit of locked up green space: London at its most typical.

Not medieval, nor Victorian, but Crazy Modern St George.

The timber framed is as thin and out of place as it looks.

Harry Potter on a Double-Decker bus! England is amazing and I love Harry Potter. Basically nothing new.

We actually found something medieval, but could not go in due to wedding.

All in all it was a fun walk, with some fun medievalist who all agree that: 1666 was a bad year for London.


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