Where to get all your bits and bobs.

I’ve have not had any massive trips lately as I am writing now. However there have been little breaks around town, and a quick five hour trip down to London. There have also been a number of birthdays. We went on a picnic to the Museum Gardens next to King’s Manor to celebrate three birthdays within one week.

We have had moments of sun, but for the most part it has rained most of this past month. I absolutely love the plaid seats on this bus in York.

I love train Stations, their Victorian industrial architecture is impressive and exciting to me. I love the romance of train travel.

The White Rose of York can be spotted in many places, all you need to do is look.

St. Pancras is finally completed. It always reminds me a small bit about Harry Potter, which this week is quite appropriate. Which I have now seen the last film and I love it. When I have more time, I will go into the restored hotel and and see all of the restored Victorian architecture and wallpaper.

Welcome to the City of London, who doesn’t want to be greeted by a sword toothed dragon.

I love my rainy city, it is so lovely at any time of the year. I will be having a busy week at the Insular Arts Conference, then I will return to London on Friday where I am speaking at the postgraduate Medieval Conference. I am looking forward to the two conferences and hope to be much. Plus there will be a medieval pub quiz on Friday, that will be very entertaining.


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