It seems that many of my post do not take place in York. Last week I went to visit my friend Sasha in Paris. It was a quick trip but I still managed to have quite a bit of fun.

The Eiffel Tower from the courtyard of The Palais de Tokyo. We went to the Palais de Tokyo and saw two fairly bizarre exhibits.

The fountain of St. Michel served as a meeting point for Sasha and I. It is quite a dramatic setting.

But not as breath taking as Notre Dame. Not surprisingly, I found myself drawn to the Medieval sights.

The portico has magnificent carving.

I absolutely love the way the architecture of Notre Dame, is set apart in Paris.

I was also able to visit St. Chapelle, one of the most beautiful little churches. It is so richly adorned that it is almost overbearing in its opulence.

I’m afraid my little camera and I cannot capture the brilliance of the stained glasses and painted walls.

Whilst walking around, I spotted the flag on the front of this pharmacy, indicating that they spoke English. It seems an odd way to combine American and English sentiments.

I also found a charming English Style Garden over near the St. Paul metro stop. It is behind Victorian Gothic Revival building, and seems slightly odd to find in Paris.

We had coffee at the base of Sacre Coeur, which provided this magnificent view.

We found it quite enjoyable.

My favorite thing about Paris is the hidden details. It is a city designed to be magnificent, yet it is in the little things that I find most interesting. This bronze has had to be chained during some repair work, and it has made it all the more interesting.

Paris is a bizarre city that will never be my favorite, yet it has a whimsical charm that is a bit inexplicable.


One thought on “Paris

  1. So beautiful. I need to go there. I liked seeing your face! Even if it is just in a picture.


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