Bits of Spring

Spring term has come to an end, although I still have essays to write. But here are a few bits that I have not had a chance to post.

I went on a rather quick field trip with my class, Scrolls and Serpents, to Durham Cathedral. As we walked from the train station we got a lovely view of the Cathedral. It is placed up on this hill as a spiritual island amongst the rushes, and it is rather strategic place to finally settle as the monastic community had been displaced by the Vikings several times.

Outside they have a lovely stone cross, though I saw no shortage of crosses this term.

Durham Castle is right next door, but we had no time to spend there. The inside of the Cathedral is magnificent, but you will have to take my word for it as there was no photography allowed inside.

Finding post boxes in England is always exciting, they are both cheerful and oddly placed. This is down an ally behind the Minster. The GR indicates that it is from the reign of King George, although it’s not clear which one.

Spring has absolutely come to York, we have had a week of sunshine and weather hitting 16 degrees Celsius, in addition to daffodils everywhere. I keep finding them, so soon I will have many more photos of English spring.


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