London, I love you.

I do not how anyone could not love a city as beautiful as London. It has glossy black taxis and is architecturally splendid. I spent last weekend meandering through the city. While the trip started with a visit to the Courtald Institute to see a friend of mine present at the medieval conference, the girls and I quickly moved on to some of the more touristy aspects of the city.

As you may notice from this picture of me enjoying breakfast courtesy Tesco express (read 7-11) at in the courtyard at Sommerset House it was incredibly windy, very reminiscent of Suisun City.

We stayed in a hostel near Russel square, while it may be difficult to tell in this picture of Lyndsey the bunks are three high! She is making her way to the very top, I slept in the middle bunk which felt similar to a box fully covered on five sides with a curtain to close me in.

London was celebrating Chinese New Year so there were red lanterns to be seen every where.

The Fourth plinth behind this set of lanterns has a large ship in a bottle display this year. It is always interesting to see what the fourth plinth contains.

I think the decoration at Trafalger Square thoroughly brightens up what was a very gray day.

We saw the Lion Dance as he welcomed in the Year of the Rabbit.

I quite enjoyed the weekend. It had quite a few of my favorite things: Indian food, London, trains, museums and I saw a presentation on illuminated manuscripts. I could not ask for much else.



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