Festivals and Fog

York seems full of Festivals. Hannah and I went to the Festival of Angels to see the Ice Sculptures and Have mulled wine.

The streets were lit up and we strolled through the International Fair.

There was even a pick and mix stand full of Turkish Delight.

In all the weather has stayed quite an image of winter.

On Boxing Day I took a quiet walk into work in the fog. I thought it looked quite pretty.

This coat has been hung near the horse pasture for quite a few weeks. I do not think it will be of much use anytime soon.

There were not many people out, yet I caught one lone pedestrian ahead of me in the mist, if he had not been humming so cheerfully I think that he could have appeared a bit menacing.

All around York one can find little odd things. For example, I was sitting in a window seat at a Starbucks on the corner of Stonegate and High Petergate after an afternoon in the Mister Library reading room and I spotted this curious oddity.

Above some random gift shop is a statuette of the Goddess Minerva (or Athena if you prefer the Greek)  and her Owl of Wisdom. Upon further examination I found that the store used to be a stationers and book store and the statuette was installed as a symbol of the store. And in this photo you can see all one of the miniature Christmas trees that have sprouted along the streets in the city centre I absolutely adore these strange little things when I find them, and hope to document some more soon.


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