In limine sapientiæ

School has officially begun, and I have been sufficiently busy.  Despite the beginning of term paper work, scrambling to collect supplies and a desperate attempt to remember all the new names. I absolutely love my classes.

My courses, or modules, are mostly held of campus at the Center for Medieval Studies which is located in King’s Manor. Which is, in fact as exciting as it sounds.

This is the entry way, above which is Charles II ‘s crest, as he stayed here during the Civil War (of England).

The Courtyard is beautiful and has a very authentically Medieval feel.

And it comes complete with coffins!

On a more scholarly note: The library is an authentic wattle and daub timber framed building.

In addition it has a lovely, do not plan to carry to many books down it, spiral staircase.

While that is it for the study spaces at the Manor. I have one class, Art and Imagery in York Minster, that is often held on location at York Minster. On Thursday we discussed the Chapter House at York Minster. It is a lovely meeting space that is richly ornate, but we went straight up the stairs and to the roof.

We went in to see one of the finest examples of Medieval English Carpentry. And how the Chapter House at York, is able to have a roof without a Central Column.

These photos do not capture the vast space and intricate amount of work that is here. However from the inside you could never tell.

The course is going to be absolutely spectacular. I have already begun to feel as if I knew nothing before coming here and that I have so much to learn. Luckily, I feel up for the challenge.


2 thoughts on “In limine sapientiæ

  1. That. is. awesome.
    I’m so happy you’re learning and having fun and in such a pretty place!

    Miss you! Keep the updates comin’

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