Welcome Week

I have had a busy couple of days getting settled here at York.

Sunday, we went shopping and got some basic groceries and home supplies. Three full carts for the four of us.

While shopping, we found some of the most patriotic cookware.

The Graduate Student Association arranged for an open top bus tour of York. We saw some of the sights including the smallest residence in York:

And Clifford’s Tower:

On the Campus Tour, we saw Heslington Hall, the prettiest Building on Campus:

Monday evening we went on a Bar Crawl. We went to five different bars including the loudest bar in the world, The Stone Roses Bar and Reflex, the 80’s dance club (complete with rotating dance floor).

Here is Stacie at Reflex, with her prize headband:

And the view at the Stone Roses:

Lyndsey and Elena at the pub, Dusk:

Tuesday evening we enjoyed a ghost walk with this gentleman:

His tales rather than being scary were mostly sad. Every story was about dying children; although, the validity of his retelling was called into question by Stacie and I, due to the incorrect date of the plague break outs in England and availability of residential glass.

In all, I have been having a very fun week and cannot wait to start classes next week. I will be updating soon with pictures of the Center for Medieval Studies at King’s Manor (where both Henry VIII and Charles II visited).


One thought on “Welcome Week

  1. Hey Heidi!
    Thanks for the awesome updates! Looks like England is a blast. Your campus is gorgeous! Hope your first week of classes is awesome. 🙂

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